On 08/08/08 Citizen Organizations and Individuals around the World Joined in the Inaugural 'Galactic Freedom Day' Celebration to End Secret Agreements Concerning Extraterrestrial Life.

A Galactic Freedom Day Declaration has been issued by cooperating citizen organizations clearly expressing humanity's intent to put an end to secret agreements concerning extraterrestrial life. The inaugural world wide positive intention event to celebrate Galactic Freedom Day took place at 8 pm (Universal Time) 08/08/08 to start the process of ending secret agreements that have prevented the revolutionary technology and knowledge of extraterrestrial life entering mainstream society.

The Galactic Freedom Day event will be globally coordinated each year on August 8 to occur simultaneously at 8 pm Universal Time. Join the next Galactic Freedom Day celebration by forming your own prayer circle, meditation group, or 'Citizen Contact Council' to celebrate Galactic Freedom Day. Instructions for conducting your event and local times are available here. If you participated in the inaugural 8/8/08 event and wish to share your experiences, please contact us.


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Experiences from 8/8/08 Galactic Freedom Day Event

Galactic Freedom Day Crop Circle